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Adventure Bucket List

Booking software for activity providers (OpenTable and Sabre for activities)

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More about Adventure Bucket List

Adventure Bucket List is a software and GDS empowering tour operators to increase their profit and organization by bringing their business online.This allows travellers to book the top things to do in an area without spending the time and effort traditionally associated with it. Think of Sabre or Open Table but for tours and activities.

Avision Robotics

Air Traffic Control Platform for Autonomous Commercial Drones

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More about Avision Robotics

AVISION is an air traffic control platform for autonomous commercial drones. FAA projects more than 1M commercial drone flights daily in US by 2020. Our system prevents mid-air collisions and damage to property and people. We work with government on integrating unmanned traffic into National Airspace System. In logistics, we execute pilots with enterprise companies enabling on-demand package delivery. Avision Inc. founders have been working together for the past 15 years and developed expertise in air traffic control and simulation software.


We analyze, negotiate and reduce your bills!

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More about BillTrim

If you and I went to Costco to get milk, would we get two different prices? No!

The same concept does not apply to Electricity, Cable, Internet, Cell Phone, Auto Insurance and other bills. People don't have the time, patience or the knowledge to call these providers to make sure they are getting the lowest rate.

Our company will fix that. BillTrim analyzes, negotiates and reduces your bills. BillTrim applies to anyone who has a bill to pay.

Chatter Research

Real-time customer feedback solution for retail and hospitality.

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More about Chatter Research

Less than 1% of your customers take your online survey from the receipt. Chatter research powers retail and hospitality locations to have 8x the response rate by engaging shoppers in a conversational survey via text message.

With a 90% completion rate, we provide a better experience for your customers and allow you to get feedback faster with our live dashboard. That way you can react faster than your competitors.

It’s time to stop guessing and start chatting. Learn what your customers are thinking as soon as they exit the store.


Find anyone's email

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More about Contactout

ContactOut is a market leading recruitment sourcing tool, used by 30% of FORTUNE 100 companies including: Microsoft, Apple, MERC, Bank of America. Contact Out adds a powerful overlay on top of LinkedIn profiles. You see phone numbers, email addresses, and links to Twitter, Github, personal websites.


Analytics service for journalists to optimize news distribution

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More about Croma

Croma is an analytics service for journalists to optimize news distribution.

We track the url of each news story from a publishers website to help them understand how is simultaneously performing on several social platforms. That gives news organizations like The Huffington Post and the BBC the information they need to maximize the reach of each story they publish and understand how their overall performance compares against competing publications.

The founders have a successful exit in the same space and have been working together for the past 10 years.


Ellebox changes the way women experience their periods.

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More about ElleBox

Ellebox helps girls manage their first periods and beyond through monthly commerce kits delivering 100% organic cotton tampons.


Creating the Internet of Manufacturing.

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More about FactoryFour

FactoryFour's technology enables digital fabrication as a mass-manufacturing viable solution.

Our Internet of Manufacturing API is a software backbone that provides companies across multiple industries with the tools to manage and automate several manufacturing processes and scale their digitally fabricated solutions.

Folia Water

Paper for Pennies, Water for Billions

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More about Folia Water

Folia Filters™
• Safe germ-free water for a family for a week
• Kills disease-causing viruses and bacteria
• Physically screens out parasites
• Patent-pending technology is the result of 10 years of scientific research

• Wholesale: 50 packs for $12.50 to distributors
• Retail price: 50 ¢/50 liters


Live Mobile Video Platform

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More about Georama

Georama is a live mobile video platform that provides an alternative to travel. When people can’t physically go somewhere due to logistical or financial reasons, Georama’s technology helps them go there virtually, in real-time through mobile and interactive live video. Our enterprise platform helps organizations facilitate live mobile broadcasts in HD quality with low latency and superior reliability from a smartphone, wearable camera, or 360˚ camera to viewers across any device who can interact in real-time for an authentic and personalized experience. Georama is used for education, site inspections, market research, and more to enhance learning and help people make better decisions while saving time & money.


Secured collaboration platform for security personnel

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More about GlobeKeeper

GlobeKeeper builds real-time collaboration platform for security personnel that includes
(1) an encrypted communication network,
(2) intuitive collaboration interface, and
(3) compatibility with existing systems and equipment
in order to save lives, money and enhance decision making capabilities. 


Transparent Digital Displays

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More about Lumotune

Lumotune was founded on a simple idea: technology shouldn't clutter space. Traditional screens take up space when not in use and just don't feel organic, but unfortunately there has been a lack of innovation in this domain.

That's why we have used nanotechnology to pioneer transparent digital displays that are unobtrusive.

improvado.io (500 startups batch 21)

Data aggregation for Marketers. All marketing data in one place without developers.

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We’re aggregating and normalizing all marketing data (specifically advertising based on current integrations) in one powerful ETL report. The advantage of this is, the flexibility to do whatever you’d like to effectively measure your end-to-end marketing strategy.


Accelerated HIPAA privacy compliance and secure data integration for healthcare apps.

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More about MedStack

MedStack reduces the time and cost to build integrated patient-centric healthcare apps by 60%. We specifically address, through a series of secure cloud tools, the biggest challenges faced by healthcare app developers: data integration and privacy compliance.

With MedStack, app creators can deploy their projects to our cloud service using the coding, deployment and administrative tools and methodologies they're most comfortable with. The hosting environment projects apps, data and files with built-in security and privacy protocols that meet the latest US and Canadian healthcare data privacy legislation requirements, and scales as per customer requirements nearly instantly and easily. We include pre-built cloud hosting privacy policy documentation and referral to specially-priced privacy package services for the remainder of what Developers need for compliance.

MedStack also accelerates data integration via a built-in HL7 FHIR compliant database for standards-based interchange.


Automate customer service.

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More about Meya.ai

Meya lets you build amazing bots that can be easily connected to popular messaging apps. Bots can range from a simple, personal bot built in a few minutes to a sophisticated bot that connects customers to your business in a new and delightful way.

Bot builders sign in to the Meya development environment and are given an array of tools like NLP and ML services, messaging app integrations, a managed database, cloud-based code hosting and testing.


Find, book & pay hospitals for healthcare services & access medical records

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More about OurHealthMate.com

OurHealthMate (www.ourhealthmate.com) is a digital healthcare marketplace for emerging markets. It is a portal that enables people to find, book and pay for healthcare and get direct feedback from the doctors. The goal is to provide a simple, reliable and seamless healthcare payments experience.

A key characteristic of healthcare in emerging markets is low level of insurance penetration. In these countries, with high out-of-pocket expenses, 3 big problems emerge for the patients:
i) Hassles with payment
ii) Uncertainty about credentials of doctors
iii) Lack of proper feedback

With 19,500 Doctors on board & 100% penetration in Tier 1/2/3 cities in India, OurHealthMate is solving this problem.
The product is already trusted by 9,000 Payers and 15,000 Patients and only 1 cancellation in 19,000 appointments booked through the system.


Search for House Flippers

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More about Pellego

Pellego is a research platform for house flippers to find and buy houses.


Professional development solution for individuals and businesses.

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More about Pluma

Pluma is a mobile-based SaaS solution for talent retention and professional development that offers personalized, professional coaching and training for new and emerging managers in the workforce. Pluma inspires users and delivers lasting change. You'll become a better leader and colleague.


Better Continuing Professional Education for Better Professionals.

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More about Prolaera

Prolaera is a SaaS-enabled marketplace that helps professionals learn anything they need to give their clients world-class service. Thousands of professionals have used Prolaera to track their licenses & learn new skills.

10 million licensed knowledge workers (accountants, lawyers, doctors, etc.) spend $10B each year to complete dozens of hours of required Continuing Education (CE).

While there’s been alot of progress in EdTech & online learning over the past 5-10 years - these innovations haven’t made it to the industries that, ironically, require Continuing Education. The reason for that: Compliance.

Prolaera is a modern learning platform that automates license compliance tracking & makes it easy for firms to develop CE-compliant training programs. Prolaera has also built the first open, scalabe Continuing Education course marketplace to help unlock the collective knowledge of professional industries and help them adapt to a rapidly-changing world.


Making the World a Safer Place

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More about Radiomaze

Radiomaze Inc. helps people living more thriving lives, democratizing the smart home to every home.
They developed a patented software technology that can sense motion and daily activities at home, learn from them, and suggest optimal routines just using the wifi-enabled devices already home.
We provide APIs and SDKs for free to customers, partners, and developers to easily build applications which integrate with and embed our product functionality into other applications in any WiFi device.
Other services that work with us can take what we know and start doing new things they never could before.


create your own analytics services with one click.

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More about rakam

Rakam is a custom analytics platform. It collects data from various platforms (web, mobile, IoT, offline etc.) and lets you to analyze data via a web interface and run complex analytics queries on your event data-set.

Rakam can be installed on your cloud provider or on-premise servers. You manage your data and create insights from it using Rakam. You can run analytical queries for your custom metrics, behavioral analytical queries such as funnels, retention, and cohort similar to other analytics services.

You can also create custom reports with SQL, build custom dashboards and create your own analytics service depending on your needs. It's full-stack, no need to use any other data-warehouse or BI product.


LendingTree for Commercial real estate. We connect CRE borrowers directly with lenders.

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More about RealAtom

RealAtom' algorithm connects commercial real estate borrowers and lenders based on shared criteria, making borrowing extremely efficient. Additionally, we aggregate available property and borrower information from reliable external sources in an effort to make the lending process as transparent as possible. And finally, the platform makes it easy for all parties to submit and share documents as they go through the transaction.

Resonance AI

Predicting Human Behaviors

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More about Resonance AI

Resonance AI is a SaaS product enabling any company who wants to turn their devices and apps into predictive aware solutions do it in few minutes.

With a special focus on Automotive and mobility Resonance already embed more than 300 connections to IOT devices and apps in order to leverage on all the data coming from those sources and offer back to developers a set of API (prediction APIs) they will use in order to leverage on our artificial intelligence solution and to offer end users new cutting edge use cases.


miles & points based airfare/hotel search platform and concierge service for travelers

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More about Tripplus

Tripplus helps regular travelers to maximize the return of travel spending by providing them search platform and concierge service to earn, redeem and buy miles & points.

The search platform helps travelers to earn the most miles & points by choosing the best-value flight tickets, selecting the best airline reward program and using the correct credit cards.

The concierge service helps travelers to redeem award travel or top-off their reward account if they lacks miles & points.


Linkedin + Meetup + Slack (+ Xero) for communities

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More about WeTipp

WeTipp is a SAAS platform that helps membership based organisations, such as non Profits, Co-working spaces or Alumni Organisations, engage their members through their passions and skills and simplify their back-office as well as connect to other organisations.

It allows group leaders to map the interests and skills of their members so to:
- map the interests and skills of their members
- better match their activities to the interests of the community through our data
- build teams around projects and groups
- kill spam with targeted notifications and chat base collaboration

If offers invoicing, resources booking (such as meeting rooms), member database management and API integrations with external softwares.

The communities are part of a broader

It is able to fit the needs of both small communities and large franchised organisations.


Saas for Commercial Cleaning

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More about Swept

Swept lets managers of cleaning companies identify quality issues before they are customer problems. Managers can wake up in the morning, after their cleaners worked remotely all night, and know exactly what happened on site and which clients require follow up.

Currently (without Swept), managers wait for clients to call them with problems or do multiple site visits and check ins.

Swept's multilingual software allows managers to communicate with cleaners in their native language so they know exactly what is expected when they are cleaning.


Technology-driven hospitality company for short-term rentals.

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More about Vacayo

VR Motion

VR Motion Builds Products That Power Virtual Reality Experiences for The Automotive Market

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More about VR Motion

VR Motion is building products that power virtual reality experiences for the automotive market. We build both VR Driver Training Simulator and VR Showroom software, which can be used with nearly any hardware products. Our customers are Enterprise-level companies that do large-scale driver training. Examples are Commercial transport, Fleet management, Law Enforcement, EMT and Military. progressively, we will develop lower cost products that will be targeted at SMB customers and ultimately direct to consumers in the Teen Driving marketplace. These products dramatically increases safety and lowers costs in relation to actual in-vehicle training.


Data-drive wellness app that helps companies optimize employee's engagement and health

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More about WeFitter

A health data-driven solution that helps companies save healthcare costs by motivating employees to commit to a more active lifestyle.
WeFitter aggregates real-time data from multiple Health & Fitness apps to form a complete and unified view of a person's health, allowing Health insurers to reduce healthcare costs and increase profit margins


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