850M mid-to-low-end phones are purchased annually. Users of these phones cannot participate in the app economy because these phones have limited storage and processing power. MCube mid-to-low-end phone users enjoy access to 10x more apps with the MCube platform which aggregates 50+ consumer apps (Amazon, Yelp, YouTube) for a combined 2MB.

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Prevent Opioid Abuse and Addiction

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Savion Aerospace

We are building green personal jets for the middle class. Say goodbye to using commercial airline and hello to a new area of personal, convenient, and green aviation. We are different from other aircraft startups because of our use of natural gas. Natural gas has fewer net emissions than electric aircraft while also offering a 50% cost reduction relative to jet fuel. Additionally, natural gas is lighter than jet fuel, allowing us to deliver all these benefits without range or speed sacrifices. Thus, we are the only aircraft that can credibly challenge coast to coast flying on commercial airlines.

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One of the most pressing issues in global commerce today—and, in particular, in global supply chains—is the financial viability of the small and midsize enterprises, or SMEs, that account for 70% of all supply-chain participants. These SMEs typically have to wait for 90 days or more to be paid for the products they sell, yet they lack access to affordable ways of accelerating their cashflow

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Zeuss Technologies

Zeuss Technologies develops next generation blockchain-based Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) technology for cash intensive industries. Zeuss’ software non-intrusively monitors and verifies all financial activity across industries and efficiently fulfills federal regulatory compliance obligations.

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Kura Technologies

100 and 135 degree field of view compact Augmented Reality glasses with customized designed optical module, and tracking integration.

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BlockVigil is building an API gateway to help developers build on blockchain with just a few lines of code. Our product for Ethereum abstracts smart contracts into dynamic REST APIs. This allows any web developer to start building without prior blockchain experience. Additionally, our integrations via webhooks/zapier/slack help automate workflows with zero to minimal technical knowledge.

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Back Office is a fast growing technology based company that helps small businesses with their bookkeeping and accounting.

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Hamama offers a fail-proof way for anyone, anywhere to grow nutritious microgreens at home year-round. The founders are MIT mechanical engineers with research backgrounds in indoor agriculture, and they invented Seed Quilts to make growing all kinds of greens crazy simple. Just add water once, plant a Seed Quilt, and harvest in a week.

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SnapShyft’s Labor Marketplace instantly connects food & beverage, and hospitality operations with reliable, qualified workers on-demand.

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Memoir Health

Memoir Health is replacing ineffective and costly psychiatric and addiction rehabs with technology-enabled, comprehensive care for patients with severe mental illness and addiction from home. As a value-based provider, our services are demonstrated to improve patient outcomes while generating savings for insurers.

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We develop Svastia, a genomic software platform for clinical trials and hospitals to personalize cancer therapy and improve treatment outcomes through AI-driven genetic screening of cancer patients. Svastia's knowledgebase utilizes the patient genetic data from hospitals to learn novel patterns of treatment response. Svastia offers the knowledgebase alongside industry-leading analytics tools to improve outcomes of clinical studies/trials in pharmaceutical R&D.

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For buyers: Payment protection - We are the only payment platform that provides a protection mechanism in crypto payments, allowing you to pay with confidence. We minimize the risk of fraud, by acting as mediator, providing guaranteed buyer protection and payment coverage.

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Celer Network

Celer Network is a coherent technology and economic architecture that brings Internet scale to existing and future blockchains through off-chain scaling techniques. It can scale out to billions of trust-free, secure, and private off-chain transactions per second. Celer Network is on a mission to fully unleash the power of blockchain and revolutionize how decentralized applications are built and used.

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IOTW is an IoT blockchain infrastructure project using proof of assignment to connect all IoT devices globally, create passive income in the form of micro-ming and allow for the development of decentralized applications on IoT devices.

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Chipper Cash

Chipper Cash is building the first platform of its kind to facilitate free and instant Cross border mobile money payments in Africa. Chipper Cash is currently available in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, and Rwanda.

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Alba is a marketplace to find babysitters in Latin America. By combining social network information, user’s location and parents’ recommendations, we can find the perfect babysitter for each parent, within minutes, just as if their best friend would have recommended it. On the other hand, babysitters can enjoy working close from their homes through an effort free job search service

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We are the future of bridging the digital consumer with physical businesses and brands. We collect customer data in person, segment, then engage in a data-driven way. For example, unhappy customers can instantly SMS live chat with management and happy customers can be put into automated retention campaigns.

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